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The Beach Boys - Hawthorne (2001)
2015-08-25, 1:03 PM

CD 1

1.Mike Love introdices ''Surfin' ''
2.3701 West 119th Street, Hawthorne, California ''The Surf
3.Happy Birthday Four Freshmen
4.Mike on Brian's harmonies
5.Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (live rehearsal)
6.Surfin' USA (demo)

7.Surfin' USA (backing track)
8.Carl Wilson radio promo
9.Shut Down (live)
10.Little Deuce Coupe (demo)
11.Murry Wilson directs a radio promo
12.Fun, Fun, Fun (backing track)
13.Brian's message to ''Rog'' - Take 22
14.Dance Dance Dance (stereo remix)
15.Kiss Me Baby (a cappella mix)
16.Good To My Baby (backing track)

17.Chuck Britz on Brian in the studio
18.Salt Lake City (session highlights)
19.Salt Lake City (stereo remix)
20.Wish That He Could Stay (session excerpt)
21.And Your Dream Comes True (stereo remix)
22.Carol K session highlights
23.The Little Girl I Once Knew (alternate version)
24.Alan and Dennis introduce ''Barbara Ann''
25.Barbara Ann (session excerpt) with Dean Torrance
26.Barbara Ann (master take without party overdubs)
27.Mike on the Everly Brothers
28.Devoted To You (master take without party overdubs)
29.Dennis thanks everybody ''In The Back Of My Mind''

CD 2

1.Can't Wait Too Long (a cappella mix)
2.Dennis Introduces Carl
3.Good Vibrations (stereo track sections)
4.Good Vibrations (concert rehearsal)
5.Heroes and Villains (stereo single version)
6.Vegetables Promo (instrumental section)
7.Vegetables (stereo extended mix)
8.You're With Me Tonight
9.Lonely Days
10.Bruce on Wild Honey

11.Let The Wind Blow (stereo remix)
12.I Went To Sleep (a cappella mix)
13.Time To Get Alone (alternate version)
14.Alan and Brian talk about Dennis
15.A Time To Live In Dreams
16.Be With Me (backing track)
17.Dennis introduces ''Cotton Fields''
18.Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (stereo single version)
19.Alan and Carl on ''Break Away''
20.Break Away (alternate version)
21.Add Some Music To Your Day (a cappella mix)
22.Dennis Wilson
23.Forever (a cappella mix)
24.Sail On Sailor (backing track)
25.Old Man River (vocal section)

26.Carl Wilson
27.The Lord's Prayer (stereo remix)
28.Carl Wilson - Coda

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